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What's my Motivation for Real Estate? Creating a new chapter for my clients. My 12-year experience in Military instilled accountability, leadership and a constant drive to grow and become better, furthermore serving people. My goals are to create fulfillment and pathways to success/achievement for my clients. One of my main motivations in Real Estate is education. You should understand the process, it shouldn't be a blind process. This is often a major issue with representation or lack thereof. Stress will be a given, emotions will have a wide range and the economy may cripple or excite your view of buying or selling real estate. I plan to help you combat those burdens and create a happy and successful experience to any means possible. I owned several successful businesses in Oregon as an entrepreneur but was torn with running a business and working full time. Family is my main focus, and thus the reason I started my full-time Career in Real Estate with a single focus. Selling/purchasing a home is possibly one of the biggest financial transactions some may experience. Let me help you make it positive and competitive in the market. I plan to help repair peoples’ dissatisfaction's with their Real Estate past, transactions or representation. I want to change the image of a salesperson. I wish to make people laugh, smile and enjoy the experience. I will be genuine. I will understand your environment and needs. Originally a native of Oregon, My wife and I chose Idaho as our new home in 2018. I quit my career of nearly five years, we sold our homes and most of our material values and left. We have not looked back since. The welcoming nature and good people brought us here. I appreciate my past in Oregon, but my future belongs in Idaho and the Treasure Valley. I want to build a legacy for my wife and two children in Idaho and stay a true course with my Faith at all times. I joined one of the best teams in the valley, The Good News Realty Group and Realty ONE Group Professionals. Our team has closed almost 120 transactions in the last two years, I’m supported and surrounded by the leading professional in the field. Compensation is not the only motivation for what I do. I enjoy interactions and helping people build their dreams and accomplish goals. Being part of your success and achievement is my motivation. I will do my best to be a pillar of strength for you, not a detriment. I want to create a common bond with Military Veterans and their families to assist in the process of buying and selling. The VA process can be difficult, and confusing. I understand the process and what it will take to have a successful transaction. VA or conventional, we have something in common to make the process a success. Thank you for reading this and for considering me as your future representation in Real Estate. I look forward to meeting. With Regards, Johnathan James Ray Melin, Realty ONE Group Professionals, The Good News Group 5417303595, OIF/OEF Veteran. US Army

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